• Mitigating Payment Acceptance Risk
  • Our webinar moderated by IntegriShield’s own Gayla Huber, arms you on what you need to know around payment fraud to help lower your risk brought to you by our friends MSP Consulting, payment advisors.

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Hear from Gayla Huber, IntegriShield president, and special guest Greg Ahern of Ometrics as they share tips on A/B split testing pages and disclosures. Additionally, you’ll learn how to optimize conversion funnels while maintaining industry compliance and best practices.

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  • Hitting the Mark with Your Grad Employment Data
  • Has collecting accurate information from recent graduates become a challenge for your team? If so, you are not alone! We’ll explore the three phases your institution should follow to overcome these obstacles and simplify the process.

    Attendees will get an overview of recent provisions in employment data reporting, including what to expect in coming years and how to prepare your institution for these changes.

    During this webinar we will cover . . .

    • How institutions can successfully address employment data changes
    • Convenient tips to better manage managing the auditing process
    • The importance of initial results that can remove the headache for your staff
    • How to prepare for reporting provisions and maximize your data usage
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  • Marketing Compliance Checkup – Rules to Remember
  • Regulations have many marketers concerned about maintaining compliance so we’re going back to basics to help you gain confidence surrounding penalties and your brand’s exposure.  Whether you are new to marketing or experienced and wanting the latest updates in consumer consent practices, this webinar is for you.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Review the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
    • Review the Do Not Call Registry (DNC)
    • Review the CAN-SPAM Act
    • Review disclosures
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  • Unauthorized Landing Pages: Avoid Rogue Advertisers with Self-Regulation
  • It’s a common misconception that companies are not responsible for advertising done by a third-party. Aside from obvious compliance risks, the “free” advertising you’re getting from unauthorized lead forms may be costing you tens of thousands in missed revenue annually. Learn how companies stop this from flying under the radar. Discover more effective ways to self-regulate to protect your reputation and bottom line.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Dispel the myths of third party marketers and unauthorized landing pages
    • Key questions to ask to protect against rogue vendors
    • Understand how this impacts your bottom line
    • Reporting tips to monitor compliance of your marketing initiatives and the affiliate network
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  • Compliance Insights: Summit Recap with IntegriShield
  • IntegriShield was among the sponsors and participants at the recent Innovation Education Summit, hosted by Gragg Advertising and Google. This three-day conference gathered industry thought leaders with revolutionary breakout sessions. If you missed the event, now is your chance to get an insightful recap on the week’s compliance discussions. Gain takeaways on the first steps your institution should take this year to enhance your compliance efforts.

    We will discuss:

    • Trends in Higher Education – Insights from Google
    • Hot Topics in Government – Insights from Venable LLC, Jonathan Pompan
    • Linking What Matters – Insights from Neustar
    • White Hat Techniques for 2016 – Insights from HigherEd Growth
    • What do I do now? First Steps.
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  • Technology vs. Humans
  • Compliance monitoring isn’t easy and many organizations have the misconception that removing the human element and automating the entire process is the solution. However, both technology and manual processes are important to provide the best outcomes for your business.

    Join the compliance experts at IntegriShield as we share best practices for compliance and risk management. Learn to create a synergy between technology and your workforce to be more successful in your compliance monitoring. Date of webinar: Thursday, January 28th at Noon Webinar attendees will gain:

    • Tips to develop safe harbor process to protect confidential data
    • Knowledge of best practices for your marketing and admissions department
    • Time-Saving strategies to create a more efficient staff and mitigate risks
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  • 2016 Compliance Forecast
  • Increased regulation from the FTC and governing bodies will spark changes to the lead gen industry for buyers and sellers into 2016. What will that mean for your organization and how can you ensure your marketing stays in compliance with ever-changing regulation? Sign up for this free webinar as we explore these topics and more.

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  • A New Look at Big Data in EDU
  • Between now and 2025 your institution will graduate hundreds, if not thousands, of students. But are you equipped to track each of them, from enrollment through to employment verification?

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  • Roadmap to EDU Website Compliance
  • Institutions are under strict scrutiny surrounding their online advertising efforts. It’s imperative for your website to be in compliance with the regulations set forth by the DOE, FTC, FCC, your accrediting body and industry standards.

    Gain insight on the do’s and don’ts surrounding the hot-topic website elements:

    • Gainful Employment Disclosures
    • Financial Aid Disclaimers
    • Program Descriptions
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  • Fraudulent Advertising: How Can You Stop It?
  • Recent articles in major publications have shined a light on unethical and sometimes illegal marketing practices in the For Profit Education industry. From bait and switch maneuvers to outright misleading information on junk websites, we will cover all of the bases so you are informed.

    IntegriShield’s January Webinar covered:

    • Major violations in For Profit advertising
    • How to avoid being on violating websites and buying bad leads
    • How to get your school off of websites that are violating the law

    Missed the January webinar? Check it out here!

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"The quality service that IntegriShield provides gives me peace of mind regarding compliance. They work as an extension of my department to identify and resolve any misrepresentation found and serve as a resource to me regarding specific compliance questions. I highly recommend them for institutions who need a partner not a vendor." - Mary Wetzel, Central Penn College


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