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Compliance Monitoring and Remediation


Integris provides a central location to store all your compliance discovery and communication. Whether you require monitoring of authorized and unauthorized content across the web or only the digital assets you own, the crawl can be customized to run consistently or on your schedule. Integris is the equivalent of using a microscope. Unlike other compliance partners, we work to define rules on a daily basis to bring you the most detailed of infractions. Because messaging, statistics and regulations are always changing, we help you change with them.

Every organization defines their goals and objectives when starting compliance monitoring. That’s why almost every facet of our service is customizable to your needs and requirements; starting with the rule sets that you can choose or have us develop. By recognizing your custom rule sets it brings quicker and more accurate results. Integris makes the art of discovery seem effortless.

The customer portal allows the user to view summary level results or detailed infractions with just a few clicks. Our remediation experts have built relationships with authorized and unauthorized publishers making them successful in getting content removed or updated for our brands. Integris is one of the only compliance portals to show your results in contextual and highlighted screenshot formats. This key feature allows your developers and third party publishers to move quickly when updating content.

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Brand Management


Our award-winning technology gives you access and transparency into your brand’s web presence. Integris can find all mentions of your brand or filter them to bring the most relevant information to your attention. No more searching and not knowing if you have uncovered everything. With Integris, you can improve the accuracy and speed at which you maintain your brand assets and improve your customer experience across the web.

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Social Media Monitoring


Integris is designed to work across multiple channels. Our developers can customize the search most important to your business objectives. Whether you are monitoring specific social sites or want to know what people are saying about your brand across the web, Integris can scale to meet your needs.

Social Listening products deliver blanket mentions of your brand. It takes time and money to weed through conversations. Integris can prioritize findings so you are able to focus on what needs the most attention.

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Student Tracker


IntegriShield’s Graduate Placement Verification and Employment Record Auditing programs provide detailed reporting that matches even the strictest regulations. As an unbiased third-party reporter, we provide accurate and timely reporting to fit your requirements. The easy-to-use automated system is transparent, signifying our commitment to your brand.

IntegriShield's Student Tracker programs include:

  • Transparent reporting
  • Credibility through unbiased third-party verification
  • Confirmation of needed employment information

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Mystery Shopping


IntegriShield’s Mystery Shopping service allows you to monitor your staff or partner call centers based on pre-determined customized brand and industry standards. From inquiry generation to front desk appointment setting, IntegriShield evaluates your staff in everyday conduct.

Based on your consumer demographics, we create detailed prospect profiles which are then performed by trained professionals. Inquiries are submitted through all media types including your website, third-party affiliates, direct mail, phone calls and more. Scorecards are generated for each submission to document the results and analyze recommendations.

Scorecards are completely customizable based on your needs. Areas for scoring might include:

  • Response time from submission to first point of contact
  • Number of touch points your representatives use to reach a prospect
  • Quality of customer service provided by your representatives
  • Number of compliance guidelines not followed

Recommendations are provided for each mystery shop along with a quarterly performance analysis. Each phone call is recorded and can be used for your own internal training.

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Call Center Conversation Analytics


IntegriShield’s Call Auditing and Conversation Analytics service provides unbiased monitoring of information that is delivered to your current and potential customers. Each call is recorded and reviewed in its entirety to identify industry regulations and brand guideline violations. A detailed report is generated to pinpoint areas in need of improvement. We stay current with regulations and industry standards, ensuring your staff remains compliant.


  • Unbiased insight into customer service strengths and weaknesses
  • Detailed reports enable quick response and staff improvement
  • Access to call recordings and reports in real-time through IntegriShield’s client portal
  • Confirmation that regulations and brand standards are being met

We Audit:

  • Sales Staff
  • Call Centers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Admissions/Financial Aid/Career Services Staff
  • Support Staff
  • Others

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