IntegriShield was born out of necessity to comply with the changing state and federal regulatory landscape pertaining to internet liability in the performance marketing industry. Regulations were enacted that made advertisers responsible for all marketing and advertising claims online. Ignorance or lack of knowledge was not a suitable defense if discovered. There is a dark side of the Internet and it creates opportunity for anyone to abuse and exploit company trademarks and misrepresent brands. This dynamic created the need for a service that would effortlessly replace the inadequate search capabilities of one person endlessly scouring the Internet for the voluminous instances of violations, misstatements, falsehoods, or errors. And no other service provided the accuracy needed to improve outcomes.

Designed to protect companies’ reputations and brand recognition, IntegriShield monitors, tracks and enforces all applicable regulations to assure that our clients engage in consistent and compliant marketing activities. Located in Kansas City, IntegriShield launched in 2012 to provide cutting-edge compliance and remediation services to a diverse array of businesses. Since then, the IntegriShield team has been evolving and honing our technology to simplify workflow, streamline remediation, and track brand compliance across the web, through email monitor servicing, and audio monitoring.

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