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Our Strategy and Technology

By combining custom brand monitoring with industry and regulation based monitoring, you can be confident in our discovery of actionable data.  Our proprietary system will review findings across multiple channels looking for authorized and unauthorized instances of your brand.  You don’t have to build your own keyword library anymore.  Our expert developers will create custom brand guides which are constantly updated to provide you the most relevant results.  And if you think you have to sacrifice accuracy, you don’t.  Our service team will review all results removing false positives prior to remediating on your behalf.

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Our Approach

Award-Winning Integris Platform

Our award-winning technology gives you access and transparency into your brand’s web presence. Integris provides a central location to store all your compliance discovery and communication.

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Custom Rule Sets

By recognizing your custom rule sets it brings quicker and more accurate results. Integris makes the art of discovery seem effortless.

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Multi-Channel Management

Compliance and brand management can come in many forms. No search is too small or large. Let our team work with you to determine how best to be confident in your brand’s compliance.

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Actionable Intelligence

No more wading through thousands of infractions. Get the right results the first time.

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Dedicated Service Team

Customer service is just as important to us as the technology we use. IntegriShield is committed to your brand’s reputation, and our service teams have the experience to get the job done.

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Industry-Recognized Remediation Professionals

Our professional remediation experts know even the hardest to locate publishers. They have proven results. Stop spending time searching and waiting. Let our remediation team do the work for you.

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