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IntegriShield Monitoring & Transcription Capabilities

The opportunity for anyone to abuse and exploit consumers without a company’s knowledge puts businesses at risk. IntegriShield was created out of the need to protect our clients and their industries. Our services uncover violations so companies can quickly address issues. Since each business comes with different objectives and needs, we create custom monitoring programs to match their goals. IntegriShield’s technology and dedicated service team will provide any company with the ability to manage a task which otherwise would be costly and time consuming.

Our Approach and Technology

IntegriShield’s audio and video monitoring is the most effective way to identify brand misrepresentations and violations. We customize our process to meet the operational challenges you face. Quickly identify risky violations and missed opportunities using speech to text technology. Using IntegriShield, you can transcribe calls, audio recordings and videos. Video transcription allows your organization to keep records of video content from YouTube to TikTok and beyond. Accuracy is the most valued aspect of the process. Custom solutions can be designed to meet even the toughest challenges with manual reviews or combinations of automated and manual processes.


Audio transcription and modeling is a data-centric approach where we review a percentage of a clients total recorded audio and video communications. A custom scorecard with dozens of key points is developed which includes categories to address training issues and violations which can put a client and their brand at risk.

At the beginning, we often identify numerous violations per audited file which creates the baseline for the program and defines the initial score. The scorecard is intended to identify broad issues while also providing insight into specific rep-level challenges over an ongoing period of time.

We typically meet with our clients each month to review findings. As part of the process, we began compiling a month-over-month report to show progress. We also implement a report to assist corporate leadership with warnings and coaching. This report includes all the file data along with time stamps and the specific language which resulting in the violation. This allows corporate leadership to quickly address issues, leading to improvement in results month over month.

Our services would typically take five specialized staff members to complete in an average month. By utilizing the IntegriShield service, corporate investment drops to the equivalent of two staff members. The improvement in representative performance reduces client risk, improves customer engagement and builds a better brand.

Commitment to our Clients

It is our belief both technology and human oversight and optimization are critical to providing the best outcomes for our partners. Our team will work with you to customize a plan to meet your needs and budget. We are committed to offering a custom solution and to developing a unique granular approach unlike any in the industry.

We have successfully proven that our Audio/Video Monitoring and Transcription program decreases brand risk, improves customer engagement and delivers a better media ROI.

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