Student Tracker Technology Simplifies Big Data in EDU

Student Tracker

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB (opens in a new window)) February 10, 2015

The latest Student Tracker technology helps keep schools compliant through data collection from enrollment to post-graduation. Now, institutions can gain access to this cloud portal—a combination software and service—that stores student information with customizable reporting.


Data analytics and reporting are increasingly important in the higher education sector, which sparked IntegriShield to develop this user-friendly technology. “Information that once took days to gather is now available at the fingertips of institutions in real-time,” said IntegriShield President Jennifer Flood. “It’s a good introduction to big data that saves users time and money.”


Simplified Student Lifecycle Tracking and Reporting

This centralized data brings instant access to information required during accrediting visits. Failing to properly track the required data can lead to fines and damages to brand reputation. Student Tracker helps users avoid compliance missteps, while giving them a holistic view of their institution, through access to:

  •     Program Analysis
  •     Graduate Analysis
  •     Completion Rates Over Time
  •     Multi-Campus Performance


“As technology evolves within the higher education sector, institutions should not be afraid to adapt,” said Flood. “IntegriShield is giving schools the opportunity to locate hard-to-reach graduates with more convenience.”


About IntegriShield:

IntegriShield specializes in protecting companies’ brand and online monitoring. Located in Kansas City, Missouri’s River Market District, IntegriShield uses proprietary technology to track, monitor and remediate violations of industry regulations and brand specific standards. The Internet has provided anyone the ability to misuse company trademarks and misrepresent brands. For more information about IntegriShield visit (opens in a new window).

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