IntegriShield Awarded among Top Compliance Companies


Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) March 19, 2015

LeadsCouncil has honored IntegriShield among top compliance companies in education of 2015. Currently servicing over 200 campuses, this LEADER Award has helped fortify IntegriShield’s position from start-up to trail blazer in the compliance industry.


“Our pursuit is to free our clients to do their jobs better and being recognized among this elite group of compliance companies is an exciting achievement,” said IntegriShield President Jennifer Flood. In an industry where standards are highly regulated, IntegriShield has helped clients maintain good compliance standing with peace of mind. This Kansas City-based company was designed to protect companies in online advertising. Flood’s team monitors, tracks and enforces regulation to ensure consistent and compliant messaging. IntegriShield’s technology has flagged thousands of regulatory and brand violations, and its compliance experts have an approximate resolution rate at 90 percent.


“Astoundingly, many companies are unaware of the growing threat to brand integrity caused by websites, blogs and social media,” said Flood. The costs of fines and lawsuits have been known to accumulate in the multi-millions, but IntegriShield’s award-winning Compliance Monitoring technology helps alleviate that worry for business owners.



About IntegriShield:
IntegriShield specializes in protecting companies’ brand and online monitoring. The Internet has provided anyone the ability to misuse company trademarks and misrepresent brands. IntegriShield uses award-winning proprietary technology to track, monitor and remediate violations of industry regulations and brand specific standards. For more information about IntegriShield, visit

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