IntegriShield Announces Partnership With The US Hemp Roundtable To Strengthen Compliance In The Cannabis Industry

Kansas City, Missouri – IntegriShield, a leading provider of compliance monitoring software, is pleased to announce a new partnership with the US Hemp Roundtable, a leading cannabis advocacy organization. This collaboration will enable IntegriShield to provide comprehensive compliance monitoring and risk management solutions to the rapidly expanding cannabis industry in the United States.

IntegriShield’s cutting-edge software technology empowers companies to maintain regulatory compliance and protect against reputational and financial risks by constantly monitoring online platforms and other sources of potential compliance issues. With the support of the US Hemp Roundtable, IntegriShield will be able to tailor its offerings to better serve the needs of the cannabis industry, including hemp-derived products.

“We are excited to partner with the US Hemp Roundtable and leverage their expertise in the cannabis industry,” said Gayla Huber, President of IntegriShield. “Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that cannabis companies have the tools they need to navigate the complex regulatory environment and stay ahead of compliance risks.” The U.S. Hemp Roundtable is a coalition of dozens of leading companies and organizations committed to safe hemp and CBD products. With its vast network of members and partners, the Roundtable provides a powerful voice for the hemp industry, both in Washington and
across the country.

“The U.S. Hemp Roundtable is thrilled to welcome IntegriShield into our membership ranks. As the leading business advocacy group for the hemp industry, our Board has a self-imposed ethics policy that we ask all members to follow. This ethics policy requires our members to comply with state and federal laws, truth in advertising and labeling, and follow good business practices. Thanks to our new partnership with IntegriShield, we are excited that a compliance software company can help expedite our review process and eliminate any human error that could arise from a manual review. IntegriShield’s services will no doubt help us keep high standards in our membership review process.” – Kerry Hinkle, Membership Coordinator, U.S. Hemp Roundtable.

For more information on IntegriShield and its compliance monitoring solutions, please visit To learn more about the US Hemp Roundtable and its advocacy efforts, please visit

IntegriShield – Regulatory Comm Manager, Erin McGinnis,
US Hemp Roundtable – PR Director, Alyssa Erickson,

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