Caliber Financial Services, Inc. is pleased to announce its continued partnership with IntegriShield

Caliber Financial Services, Inc. is pleased to announce its continued partnership with IntegriShield, a leading compliance monitoring firm. This partnership has enabled Caliber Financial Services to provide comprehensive and effective compliance solutions to its consumer lending clients.

“We are proud of our long-term partnership with IntegriShield,” said Lori McCutchen, General Counsel of Caliber Financial Services. “Their commitment to providing accurate and timely monitoring services has allowed us to focus on serving our clients and growing our business with peace of mind.”

IntegriShield’s compliance monitoring platform provides Caliber Financial Services with real-time monitoring and alerts for its clients’ consumer facing web content including digital advertising, social media, and website content to ensure compliance with advertising and consumer protection laws.

“We are thrilled to have been a part of Caliber Financial Services’ success,” said Gayla Huber, President of IntegriShield. “Our partnership with Caliber Financial Services is a testament to the value of compliance monitoring and the importance of ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.”

As Caliber Financial Services looks to the future, it will continue to rely on IntegriShield’s expertise and monitoring services to ensure the highest level of compliance for its clients. The partnership between Caliber Financial Services and IntegriShield is a strong example of the power of collaboration and a commitment to excellence.

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