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Conversions vs. Compliance

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Today, regulatory scrutiny, politicizing industries and consumer activists have brought significant changes to how we market to and sell our products.  Lead flow is down in many industries, conversion from third-party marketing has dropped and compliance expenses are up.


So how do we pivot away from this story line and connect the gap between lead conversions and compliance data?


  1. Put compliance first to confidently work all leads.
  2. Collect detailed lead data.
  3. Remediate instead of wasting a lead and/or source.
  4. Make integrated marketing decisions.


We dive into the strategy behind each of these points in the latest April 2017 issue of FeedFront Magazine.


Click here to continue reading the full article on “Conversions vs. Compliance”.


You’ll learn how to integrate and have both because being compliant with marketing regulations doesn’t mean your lead generation should suffer.




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