VAWA Reauthorization: What it means for your school.

With the recent requirement changes imposed by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA), your school may need to revisit your policies for reporting crimes on campus.

VAWA has imposed these changes under its Campus Sexual Violence Act making it mandatory for colleges and universities to report on domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. Other requirements include adopting certain student discipline procedures and policies to address and prevent campus sexual violence.

Although reporting on such events may be embarrassing, honesty is always the best policy when it comes to these issues. Hiding incidents will only hurt your school in the long run. Having a solid message on the web side-by-side your reports allows student to feel secure knowing that you’re doing your best to keep them safe.

Not only will your students, current and prospective, feel secure; you will as well knowing that your school is compliant with these regulations.


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