Gainful Employment Disclosure Template

In November 2013 the U.S. Department of Education announced their released of the Gainful Employment Disclosure Template. In their announcement, the Department of Education set forth a due date, January 31, 2014, in which institutions must use the output document to meet the currently effective GE program disclosure regulatory requirements. This new template only applies to Title IV eligible instructional programs (degree and non-degree). Since the due date has already come and gone, this disclosure template should already be in place. But if not, here are some helpful links and topics to get the information in the correct format as quickly as possible. First access the disclosure template application.

Be prepared to enter the following information for each program:
• The institution’s six-digit OPEID
• Six-digit CIP code for the GE Program
• The credential level of the GE Program

After the above information is entered, the institution will then complete the template with specific information about the GE program that is consistent with GE Electronic Announcement #25. Once the form is complete, the template application will generate a zip file containing the GE program’s disclosure page, which the institution will host on their own website.

Once the zip file has been created, institutions must prominently provide a direct link from the home page of the GE Program website to the program’s disclosure page that was generated by the disclosure template application. Any other mention of the GE Program (admissions, academic or general information) must also contain a direct link to either the program’s web home page or to the GE Program disclosure page generated by the application.

For further information visit the Quick Start Guide for GE Disclosure Template.

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