IntegriShield Honored with Financial Services Review Top 10 Compliance Companies 2021

Leading Compliance Company Wins Top 10 Award

KANSAS CITY, Mo.Dec. 29, 2021 — IntegriShield is honored to be a recipient of Financial Service Reviews’  2021 Top Compliance Service Company recognizing 10 outstanding compliance businesses.

Founded in 2012, IntegriShield is an award-winning RegTech company supporting industries and brands internationally.  Financial Service Review recognized IntegriShield for its demonstrated scalability, cost-effectiveness, functional, adaptable, and effective regulatory compliance products.  The company’s success was founded in their ability to develop and implement proprietary technology that monitors content across the web and other marketing channels to ensure brands and their consumers are protected from misrepresentation and fraud.  IntegriShield is an industry leader delivering actionable intelligence and services saving brands time, money, and reducing risk.  “Our technology gives clients unprecedented access and transparency into their brand’s presence across multiple marketing channels in one holistic compliance focused solution,” said IntegriShield President Gayla Huber.

“IntegriShield developed technology based on the needs of both brands and consumers. Our initial intent was to protect clients from regulatory risk. Over time, the IntegriShield team developed what was once a single industry technology and expanded it to be enterprise software for all companies and industries,” commented IntegriShield President Gayla Huber.

About IntegriShield
IntegriShield is one of three companies developed by Blue Chair, LLC to win the 25 Under 25 award. IntegriShield is a software and service company offering custom compliance and remediation solutions to solve online monitoring, call center, and salesforce challenges.  Designed to protect companies and their consumers, IntegriShield monitors, tracks and enforces all applicable regulations to assure that our clients engage in consistent and compliant marketing activities.  Click here for more information about IntegriShield (opens in a new window) or Blue Chair, LLC (opens in a new window).

Press Contact
Name:  Suzanne Palmer
Mobile: 571-332-9778

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