Inspect What You Expect—Monitoring Your Admissions Staff

Your admissions staff is the face and voice of your institution, the first people to speak with your prospective students and inform them about the excellent opportunities that your school offers.  What training and initiatives are you taking to ensure that they are making every effort to bring more students in the door?  How are they answering questions surrounding compliance-related topics that have gotten so many schools into trouble?

Monitoring your staff can lead to a significant increase in conversion rates and shield your institution from potential fines and penalties.  Some areas to monitor may include:

  • Scripts: Providing scripts for your representatives to follow enables them to touch on key benefits of your institution and direct the conversation toward enrollment.
  • Setting Follow-up Appointments: With each individual communication, a representative should be scheduling the next step with the prospective student whether it be a follow-up phone call or inviting them in for a campus visit.
  • Citing Statistics and Job Placement: When a prospect inquires about job placement or expected salaries, statistics provided must be accompanied by an official source such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment can never be promised.
  • Credit Transferability: Credits will never transfer 100 percent of the time, and it is essential to clearly state that credits are subject to review by the school and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Financial Aid: Not every student will qualify for financial aid, and it is important to provide this clarification and transfer prospective students to a financial aid representative to receive further information.

Monitoring your admissions team to pinpoint areas in need of improvement is essential to overall business productivity. Not only are you able to protect your institution from the price of noncompliance and making false guarantees, you are also helping increase enrollment numbers and therefore directly amplifying your institution’s revenue.

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