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EDU Compliance for Email Marketing

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(As originally published in Career Education Review)   Email marketing is an important strategy to maximize your marketing ROI. Unfortunately, many schools don’t adequately monitor authorized and unauthorized email traffic. IntegriShield hosted a recent compliance webinar with guest speaker Adam Schimsa of LashBack. Our conversation explored regulations...

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Employment Verification: Going the Extra Mile

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[As published in Beauty Link Magazine by AACS]   Student outcomes are an increasing focal point for accreditors and the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). The final chapter in the student life-cycle now demands more detailed reporting than ever before.  If collecting accurate information from recent graduates...

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Conversions vs. Compliance

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What opportunities are you missing for them to work together?   Businesses have the opportunity to gather and analyze data at an increasing rate.  Whether it is customer conversion data, compliance or call center functions, these databases are typically housed in separate locations and the data is...

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How the CFPB is Shaping the Short Term Lending Industry

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Before large financial institutions evolved in the current banking world, it wasn’t uncommon for individuals that had a good relationship with their neighborhood bank to take out a short term loan.  By definition, that meant borrowing funds for one-year or less for an unexpected expense...

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VLOG: Compliance Trends in Lead Gen

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This spring LeadsCon invited IntegriShield out to their annual performance marketing conference in Las Vegas to present on unauthorized landing pages and self-regulation.   In between sessions, they caught up with our President Gayla Huber to learn more about the state of compliance violations in higher education...

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Avoiding Litigation: The win/win for Attorneys and Clients

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When most people think of attorneys, they envision John Grisham books come to life though the magic of Hollywood. A well dressed, impressive attorney, arguing in flawless form in front of the jury and providing the final “gotcha” moment that turns the case in their...

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