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Award-Winning Integris Platform


Our award-winning technology gives you access and transparency into your brand’s web presence. Integris provides a central location to store all your compliance discovery and communication. The robust customer portal allows the user to view summary level results or detailed infractions with just a few clicks.

If you prefer to do remediation internally instead of using our team, Integris will simplify your life and give you the ability to organize and take action with the click of button. Integris is one of the only compliance portals to show your results in contextual and highlighted screenshot formats. This key feature allows your developers and third party publishers to move quickly when updating content.

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Custom Rule Sets


Integris is the equivalent of using a microscope. Unlike other compliance partners, we work to define rules on a daily basis to bring you the most detailed of infractions. Because messaging, statistics and regulations are always changing, we help you change with them.

Every organization defines their goals and objectives when starting compliance monitoring. That’s why almost every facet of our service is customizable to your needs and requirements; starting with the rule sets that you can choose or have us develop. By recognizing your custom rule sets it brings quicker and more accurate results. Integris makes the art of discovery seem effortless.

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Multi-Channel Management


Integris is designed to work across multiple channels. Our developers can customize the search most important to your business objectives. Whether you are monitoring inventory, emails, web chat or want to search mobile and web for any instance of your brand, Integris can scale to meet your needs.

Compliance and brand management can come in many forms. Online or offline; no search is too small or large. Let our team work with you to determine how best to be confident in your brand’s compliance.

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Actionable Intelligence


At IntegriShield, we believe both technology and manual processes are important to provide the best outcomes for our clients. Integris works to make our compliance professionals nimble to meet directives from their clients or imposed by regulators.

Our technology incorporates custom rule sets on the front end to flag with accuracy. Our compliance professionals use Integris on the backend to verify accuracy before delivering you the final results. No more wading through thousands of infractions. Get the right results the first time.

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Dedicated Service Team


Integris will free up your compliance professionals to focus on what’s important. Compliance monitoring without monitoring technology would include weeks if not months of searching for and reviewing infractions. Don’t be a slave to the discovery process. Your dedicated service team will drive the discovery process for you.

Customer service is just as important to us as the technology we use. Our teams go above and beyond to bring you relevant information. They keep up with not only your brand but your industry and regulatory bodies. Your team will set up a reporting style and schedule to meet your operational requirements. IntegriShield is committed to your brand’s reputation, and our service teams have the experience to get the job done.

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Industry-Recognized Remediation Professionals


IntegriShield’s industry recognized professionals are here to constantly keep an eye on your brand and protect it from those who wish to use or misrepresent it. Your remediation team will communicate with authorized and unauthorized vendors daily and store communication in Integris for documentation of your company’s remediation efforts.

Our professional remediation experts know even the hardest to locate publishers. They have proven results. Stop spending time searching and waiting. Let our remediation team do the work for you.

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